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KOZA is a premium luxury brand of high-end leather goods and fashion accessories, part of the Koza Collezioni Design House.

Let's be honest. The "About us" section of most websites is deadly dull! Perhaps that's because the company is dull or the product or services offered aren't that exciting. So, feel free to click away now as there's a chance we've failed to engage you with our story. Then again, if you can spare us a minute we'd love you to read about Koza because we think our business and our story is pretty special.

Ever since being founded, the Brand has strived to be a destination for those with the most discerning taste in luxury fashion, and those disposed towards quality craftsmanship and innovation; representing at once, contemporary European design seamlessly amalgamated with traditional hand craftsmanship painstakingly perfected over several years.

KOZA designs and produces Men’s and Women’s handbags, small leather goods and luggage and travel accessories which are considered timeless lifestyle items. We don’t craft the boring old cliché “leather briefcase”; we endeavor to offer you products that are at the forefront of creativity moving towards future aesthetics one product at a time. A hallmark Koza piece carries within itself a glamorous story of artisanal finesse and authentic Italian character which serves its true purpose – telling your story with élan.



After 28 successful years of piloting the business of manufacturing exquisite leather products for some of the most reputed international brands, the idea was conceived to usher in a class of a product which would be an outcome of heritage hand-stitch and cut techniques breaking away from uniform mass production and combining the same with the conventional “Italia procedura” of Intentional distressing of a bag in its entirety to attain its imperfect look. The vintage look of a bag is a result of the “piece-dyeing” in barrels containing specially chosen vegetable extracts. The workmanship involves the use of full-grain finished leathers and metal accessories casted and finished of pure iron and its alloys of zinc and aluminium, sourced from REACH Compliant foundries together with durable cotton fabric with slight polyester content, to maintain the sturdiness of the lining used. Hence they don’t weigh you down rather straighten out your life. The intention is simple – to make it long-lasting.

Despite the flood of synthetic imitations and leather lookalikes, Koza pieces embody within themselves; close to several decades worth of unpretentious artistry and skill imparted by our proficient team of craftsmen and designers possessing an amazing skill set who have been with us since inception and most importantly, are up for walking new paths with us to do our ideas justice.



 Thus every Koza creation exudes a distinctive class and above anything else reinstates our firm belief in the fact that- Beauty and specifically luxury lies not in richness but in the absence of imitation and monotony.

If you are the Koza patron- you appreciate the uniqueness and sophistication that has gone into each product. Your eyes are fine-tuned to simply see what others don’t! Details make you happy and this showcases the depth of your taste. Your enthusiasm is our drive. The products we create are not just for your pleasure but also for gratifying our desire for premium quality craftsmanship.

Join us in our journey. Let’s Carry the Taste the world over.








Keeping pace with today’s dynamic times, while retaining traditional manual techniques; certain operations particularly pertaining to minute intricacies of production and finishing, require attention to detail and accuracy and have consequently made semi-automation imperative to sustain the standard of the product.

This has been further supplemented by our latest addition of an assortment of state-of-the-art Made-in-Italy OMAC s.r.l machines specially manufactured for leather goods comprising of the Automatic Drying Tunnel for finishing; the Automatic Electronic Multicutter and Spray-Gluing machine for assembly and preparation; the Edge-Dyeing and Buffing machine for finishing. At the very outset, it had been a policy of the company to utilize industry specific and reliable German-made Duerkopp Adler flat-bed sewing machines along with the Japanese- made Mitsubishi Cylindrical-bed and Post-bed sewing machines for more complicated stitch work around the seams.

Needless to say we’ve had an uncompromising attitude towards achieving quality and style, the underlying principles of which have been fair-trade, equal pay and skill development for women and minorities, and a positive work ethic.

Our love for nature was something that we grew up with and this clearly manifests in all our designs. Basically when it comes to bag design, we like to keep it simple. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful Nordic landscapes of Scandinavia; no matter what we ideate, it has to be – Beautiful, Minimal, Durable and Classic. The concept of “Less is more” is something we have passionately propounded over the years. Each bag should be an embodiment of your story and leave an ever-lasting imprint wherever you go. The philosophy behind the design is such that it transcends generations.